Not have the best of marriages – Barnfield escorts

I am a bit afraid to say that I did not have the best of marriages. Part of it was my fault. I was just too unsettled within my marriage and I think that my husband picked up on that. But at the same time, I do not really know what my husband wanted form me. I know that I am a really pretty girl and I think that he sort of wanted a trophy wife and that is not really what I am. There is a lot more to me than that, and I must admit that I was not happy. At the same time, I also really missed my friends at Barnfield escorts.
After about a year, our marriage totally fell apart and I went back to escorting at Barnfield escorts of Matters had not been helped by the fact that my husband was 20 years old than me. When he wanted to play golf, I wanted to go shopping in central London and that was not for him at all. I tried really hard to make friends with his circle but I am not sure what they thought about me. They did not know that I used to be an escort, but I am sure they were wondering where I had turned up from.
The divorce was not a big drama or anything like that, and despite having gone back to Barnfield escorts, my husband paid me a very generous divorce settlement. I used to have to worry about what I was going to do for a pension, but I don’t have to worry about that any more. If I am a bit savvy, I will have enough money to last me for a long time and I also have my own apartment here in London. Actually I am very lucky girl.
Am I ready for another relationship? That is something that I asked myself the other day, and to be honest, the answer is no. I am not that interested and I am not sure that you can combine a relationship with escorting anyway. At the moment I am focusing on having fun here at Barnfield escorts, but I am not sure that I am going to stay here forever neither. Since my marriage I have been feeling a little bit unsettled and there are times when I don’t know what to do with my life.
I don’t feel agree with my ex-husband but he did promise me a lot of things. He said that we would travel but that never happened. Instead he wanted to stay home or play golf. I cannot see the point of that. To me, it seems very much like a waste of a life and I would not want to do that. When we first met at Barnfield escorts, he was a totally different person from the person I married. Did he feel guilty about his false promises? I think he did in the end and that is why he gave me such a generous divorce settlement.

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