My Secret Romance

Alan and I met in a Waitrose supermarket in London about 8 years ago, Ever since then he has been my constant companion and lover, but I have not told any of the girls at charlotte escorts about him. When we first met. Alan was married and I had just started my career with London escorts. It was not a happy marriage. We started to meet on Saturday mornings for coffee, but one thing led to another. Before I knew it, we were lovers, and used to go back to my rented flat in West London.It did not take Alan and myself very long to fall in love, but the time was not right for him to leave his wife.

He had just started his own company and did not want to rock the boat. I was busy building my career with London escorts, and we both realised that we had limited amount of time to spend with each other. Time seem to go by quickly. I was doing well at charlotte escorts, and within the space of about five years, Alan had sold his company.Around this time Alan decided that it was time to leave his wife. However, things took on a turn of their own, and his wife left him for a toy boy. She was not happy with the amount of time they were spending together, and one thing led to another.

By this time, I was doing really well at London escorts, and I had managed to buy my own flat. Alan moved in with me for a couple of weeks, but his lawyer told him it was not such a smart idea. He ended up buying his own place, but spent most of his time with me after I had come home from London escorts. A couple of months back, we realised we had been together for eight years, and managed to keep our romance secret. His friends did not know that he was dating a girl from a London escorts, and my friends did not know that I was dating this rather businessman.

We talked about it, and over croissants and coffee, we decided that we needed to “come out” about our relationship and romance. It was kind of funny, and we spent the rest of the Saturday giggling about how we would do it. One thing was for sure, it was going to be a little bit of a shock announcement to our friends. Anyway, Alan and I are both mad on Chinese food, so we decided that we would have a coming out party in China Town. Instead of going into a long explanation about our relationship, we put a little booklet together, and put in a goodie bag which we had made up for the party. It turned out to be a great party, and all of the girls from London escorts really laughed at our little booklet. They could not believe that we had been together for eight years. Neither could we, and it was kind of fun looking at the photos in the booklet. We had changed a bit. Now the only problem we have is what to do for our upcoming wedding!

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