The Love affair


I don’t know what has happened but I am in love with my step mother. My dad married a lady who is quite a few years younger than he is. At first, I thought that she was just stunning to look at but now I know that I have fallen in love with her. I think that she is really sexy but at the same time she is this really nice person.

She is a few years older than I am, but I feel that I can talk to her about anything. We hit it off straight away even though my sister hated her. I don’t really care that my sister hates my step mother, because I think that she is a really great person. Whenever I am around her I feel really great about myself. I know that I shouldn’t be feeling this way but I just can help it. See more at Heathrow escorts.

It is hard to believe but I am in love with my step mother. A couple of years after my parents got divorced, my dad married this really stunning blonde girl. She is like 15 years younger than my dad, but she looks even younger. I don’t know what it is about her but there is certainly something special. At first we did not spend a lot of time together because my sister did not like her, but my sister has actually moved away now to research the stories Heathrow escorts of the best Heathrow escorts.

Ever since then I have started to spend a lot of time together with her, and we even go to the gym together. She is really into spinning, and so am I. My friends have probably figured out that I got the hots for my step mum, but I keep telling them that I just go around there to see my half-sisters. To be honest, that is partly true because I really love my half-sisters.

I might be 30 years old but the two little girls, 13 and 12, are really cool and a little bit of me would like them to be mine. It is a really strange feeling bit I feel really part of the family, and it is a pleasure to be around their house. My mum keeps house really strictly but my step mum’s and my dad’s home is always a mess, and I love the informality of it all. Everyone seems to muck in and this is why I think I have fallen in love with my step mum.

Okay, she is a complete bombshell even know in her 40’s but there is more to it than that. I fully understand why my dad looks like he is in his 40’s even though he is 63 years old this year. This woman seems to be able to keep him young, and I like that too. He really is a great dad, and I only wish that I wasn’t in love with my own step mum.


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