The Sweet Lesbian Whore

The Sweet Lesbian Whore

Her name is Vanessa but most of her usual customers call her Nessa. She is a 28-year-old lesbian whore who has been in this business for close to 8 years and the art of sex she possesses is what makes this lesbian so popular. She wasn’t born a lesbian. But at age 18, her best friend asked if she could join her in the shower. What started as a joke became the best experience ever. Nessa had to break up with her boyfriend for her new found love.

One of her memorable moments with a client was a day she was picked from a night club by her new acquaintance, Jackie. They booked a room upstairs and immediately joined the client who was already waiting on the bed naked. Nessa is this type of a lesbian who doesn’t waste time. She goes directly to what she was paid to do. She stated teasing Jackie, lightly brushing her pink pussy lips with tips of her fingers. She moaned, sharply, and grit her teeth.

Jackie slowly moved Nessa’s head to press her mouth against her hot clit. Nessa’s tongue slid out of her mouth and slowly caressed the whole length of Jackie. She shuddered, running her fingers through Nessa’s weave, holding it tightly. Jackie’s mouth was open, but not a sound came out.

Nessa stood up and kissed her, letting the client taste her own juices on her lips. She squeezed Nessa’s ass and then pushed her down by her shoulders, silently begging for more.

Being an expert, Nessa slowly parted Jackie’s pussy lips with her fingers, massaging the wetness with her thumbs. She eased the tip of her first finger inside of her, and then slid in another. She writhed her fingers inside of her. All this time she licked and sucked gently on Jackie’s swollen clit, loving how sweet the taste was.

“Oh, God… yes, Nessa, yes… that’s good… keep doing that…” Jackie moaned and twitched above her. Her legs were shaking showing how pleasurable the sex was as she moaned louder. Jackie gasped and screamed louder than before when she almost hit her orgasm.

Nessa pressed her face even harder into Jackie’s hot pussy and started licking her clit while thrusting fingers in and out. Nessa never expected the client to respond so quickly. She thrust against her face with every wave, leaving Nessa completely drenched, and her client completely satisfied.

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